What is XCIP TV App ?

XCIPTV player application is a an app that providing capability to play all live content like series, movies and live TV shows with Internet Protocol Technology that is IPTV. Users of this app can experience a multiple TV channel usage at any time. It can be used easily on android phones, android TV & android tabs.

This app is developed on Android platform and developed by OTTRUN. User having IPTV service subscription can simply use XCIP TV app for better experience of watching TV channels through internet. It is developed with two-built in media players and with simple UI design. This feature having many unique abilities for user to enjoy a vast level of experience watching TV content.

Xcip TV

Your Ultimate Family-Friendly Entertainment Hub

It provides a wide variety of TV programs, movies, series and etc. XCIPTV app allows us to have an access of live TV channels including TV programs, sports, music, movies and live events. User can have access to different screens at the same time watching multiple programs and channels simultaneously.

XCIPTV App gives us best experience of watching desire  channels, movies and shows. Simply we can say, it gives video on demand support. One can enjoy their favorite series with all the seasons and episode’s.

Why XCIP TV is Popular?

Also, the best part comes with Parental mode, where parents could restrict the unnecessary content as per kid’s age. This gives parents a relief by switching to Parental mode to let kids enjoy with their stuff. The smart way to avoid the irrelevant stuff from kids and also let them enjoy their space watching their programs and cartoons.

XCIPTV player app gives backup and restore functionality to not miss any favorite programs and stuff. It sync with multiple devices. You can set a reminder to restore your series or any TV show which you don’t want to miss due to timings or work commitments.

XCIPTV app is so flexible that it gives you access to schedule recording. This recording is stored in internal and external storage. So, you can view your content multiple times once it is stored.

With is it also automatically catches the ongoing channel or program list and we can set a program reminder to watch the content at the time it is streaming live or with a proper time schedule. It will give you an EPG view of program which you like if it’s live or starts streaming.

XCIPTV with all these features is a smartest way to record favorite programs by scheduling a record in your absence, which will save your episodes, dramas and series which you don’t want to miss by playing it later at your convenient time. This has its own built in speed to measure the quality of your connection. It also gives free access to many features that are useful.


Download XCIPTV

How to Download XCIP TV

Getting XCIPTV up and running is a breeze with our easy-to-follow guide:

1. Head to the official XCIPTV website and find the Download button.
2. Allow the app to download.
3. After the download finishes, proceed to install the app on your device.
4. Open the app and dive into a world of diverse TV shows, movies, and more offered by XCIPTV Player.


So, basically this app provides all the entertaining content at your fingertips. This app is usable on Android TV, phones & tabs. It also supports android TV remote for simple navigation. It is so easy to access that anyone can use it without any hurdles. It’s the easiest way to watch TV channels, series, shows, programs in wide variety. Its re-store & back XCIPTV player app doesn’t contain any media related content. 

The only thing using this smoothly is to have IPTV service subscription the only way to get connect to XCIPTV. So, it’s worth to download this app if one is much more into watching TV contents without paying separately for each shows. App with multi-functional qualities gives you a better experience just by connecting to your IPTV Account and start enjoying your streaming programs.